Welcome to the historic S.S. No 4, the WEBB SCHOOL,  in Uxbridge, Ontario, where my family and I are digging into the past and behind the walls of our beloved home to restore, reveal and renovate both a building and it's stories. Not only has this awesome building become our family home, but the former school gymnasium will be home to our expanding photography studio.

If you or anyone you know has attended the Webb School, I'd love to hear from you! We're on a mission to celebrate what this little building has meant to so many since it was built in 1924.

Although our building is just under 100 years old, the Webb School dates back to an 1857 log cabin where rural children gathered from the Webb Community surrounding Webb Rd, the 4th Concession, Brock Rd. and beyond. As a trained historian and teacher, I feel called by our schoolhouse home to collect and share it's rich history. As an artist, this unique building and the rustic country property is an endlessly inspiring place for portrait sessions and photographic art projects.

Join us on Facebook as we stumble our way through our schoolhouse revival, contend with the challenges of rural life and willingly mix business with pleasure - because to us, there's no difference!