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There will be people who tell you that it’s impossible, who say it can’t be done, people who will put you down and beat you up. The hate might make you want to just stay on the ground, but never let others spoil your ambitions. Your family might get mad and your friends might not always have your back. You’ll want things you won’t get and you’ll get things you definitely don’t want. You’ll never have enough money and your freedom will always be relative. Some things you learn that you’ll want to forget, while other memories you’ll want to hold onto forever. Goals will haunt you and dreams will drive you crazy. Don’t live in the future, don’t dwell on the past. Be the person you want to be. Don’t just perform ‘your task’. You’ll love and have your heart broken and in those dark days, when the tears continue to fall, try to see a compromise and don’t just give up. Lift your head and try to stand tall. Lead when needed. Follow when necessary. Listen to yourself and speak from the truth. Never stop following your heart. Life is a rollercoaster of emotions - the happy, the sad, the excitement and the fear. Don’t be afraid to fail and never measure your success. Find the courage to seize every moment that comes your way and take your time. It is your life and no one will ever understand you more than yourself, so live it your way. Keep searching yourself and continue to ask life’s essential question: What makes us happy? For how else should we live a life floating in matter?