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Dear Allen,

You joined the Navy before the war in 1933, when you were 20 years old; about the time this photo was taken.  This is my advice to you: Freedom isn’t worth War.  You lost your father during WWI and although you’ll survive World War II, you’ll lose a brother, friends and part of yourself.  Like most people that join the military, you’re desperate for work. I realize now, that only an elite few benefit from war, while millions bleed and grieve for the notion of freedom. War is a horrible thing. You’ll sign up only once for the possibility to take the life of another, while putting your own in harms way. There is no way of life that’s worth killing each other for. Be patient young lad. The day will come when we will wield communication tools in the palm of our hands that can solve conflicts that will come. Everyone can then work together as one to make peace.  Love each other - from your family and friends to your neighbours across the Earth - treat every living thing with the compassion for life we should all wield in our hearts.