Life is a journey we only get one shot at. Care less about what people think, let your guard down more,  experience things that challenge your comfort level and remember the teen years will seem like the hardest time of your life but you will soon come to realize they were just a small stepping stone of what your life will really incredible understanding of what it feels like to become one with your life partner and most significant; to hear your unborn child’s heartbeat in your womb. Love, play, live each day to the fullest and take in everything; the good along with the difficult and learn from your mistakes to grow into the strong, confident woman you will one day become.



There is so much information that I could pass on to you my younger self, too much for this note to hold, but I will share a few thoughts that I

know will help.

When mom says you have been spending too much time in the sun, she is right. Moms are speaking from love and experience.

It’s alright to take auto shop in high school. You will actually use this information.

Listen to the advice others give you but don’t always take it.

Fifty is not old. It will happen before you know it. The older you get the years really do seem to fly by.

Trust in God.

Strive to make the world a better place and an easier journey for others.

~ Jennifer