Stephanie (You're not Steph yet, but you will be soon. I promise.):

You are a beautiful weirdo. At this moment, you are completely free in your strangeness, at peace with your eccentricities, and blissfully unaware of anyone's opinion save your own. 

I wish you could cling to that through the coming years. I wish you could embrace the bizarre – your bizarre –  throughout adolescence and into early adulthood. Instead, you will turn down that flame ever so slightly, hiding it in a misguided (but understandable) effort to fit it. So-called normalcy will feel a bit like playing dress up in your mother's old wedding gown: beautiful, but poorly tailored for your body. You will live in your head a bit more, laugh a bit quieter, withhold that weird for fear of being labelled as the other. 

Until you realize one day, many years from now, your weird is wonderful. Your weird is welcomed. Your weird is wanted. You will surround yourself with other beautiful weirdos, and you will want them too.