Dear Susan circa 1958,
You have just landed at Earlton Airport after a long journey from Hong Kong – 18 years old and 1,000,000 away from your Mom and brothers in rural China.  It’s cold, much colder than what you are used to, and you can’t speak to anyone because you don’t know one word of the local language.  Despite your bravery and courage, you have every reason to be scared and sad.
But don’t be.  Your soon-to-be new husband is an amazing man, one who cares about family more than anything and who will be your loving partner for 50+ years.  You will be an equally amazing wife and mother, and your own family will be a big one: you will be blessed first with four daughters and finally a son.  You will learn that your new country is the best in the world, and your tiny northern Ontario hometown of Virginiatown is full of people who treat you kindly, take you in, teach you the language, and show you how to do things.  It will be a wonderful place for you to raise your family. 
Your kids will grow up and find wonderful partners and provide you 11 beautiful grandkids, and you will be very proud of all of them.  And you know what?  They will be more proud of you and your story and what you have accomplished.
So my only advice…  Get your driver’s license – you will need it in the future!  Don’t be shy to buy-and-hold all of those Toronto-area properties you will be interested in!  And no need to hold on to everything in your basement – you won’t use it all! 
You are a bright, curious, strong woman, Susan, one I admire and am proud of.  Your life in Canada will be a good and happy one.
Best wishes,
Susan circa 2015