Do not look into either the past or the future. The past cannot be changed and the future does not even exist yet. Instead, cultivate awareness in each of the present moments you are given. It is in these moments that you will find peace. Polonius really did say it best when he told Laertes that it is important to honour your self, your desires, and your values. If you forget these things, re-read Polonius’s words because they will guide you during darker times. Do not be afraid of change because while it may bring great pain, it also brings great knowledge. Know that you will find your soul mates as well as your soul’s calling. Each of these will help you to discover who you are and what you are meant to do here. Do not ignore what your intuition tells you. Rationality is important but can only take you so far. When your soul calls you out to explore the world, go with wild abandon and joy. The finer details that you will spend so much time worrying about are part of a larger capitalist system that does not seek to bring you joy. Indeed, part of your purpose here is to resist these systems as well as to show others how to resist them as well. To that end, reject the matrix and embrace possibility; work less and play far more. Seek out what brings you joy and trust that the universe will provide because it always does. Our time here is short on one level, but if you stay in each moment, there are an infinite number of moments to savour. Stop worrying so much about the end goal because the process is just as, if not more, important.