Dear Priscilla,

I want to share some things with you. Beware; my words will not be filled with sunshine and roses, but with practical, real advice. Words of wisdom if you will. I want you to enjoy life and not be so serious. Take risks!  I want you to not spend so much of your time and energy worrying or harbouring negative feelings about things that may or may not end up happening, because in the end, none of it will matter.  What will matter is your kind heart, your resilience, your innate ability to see the good, the positive in things and people, even when everything and everyone around you tries to show you something different. Your annoying little sister will become one of your closest friends. You will also come to appreciate that although your parents are not perfect, they love you and will support you unconditionally. You will grow up to be a helper (of course!) and a mother. Your son will be an incredible little person who will share your personality, your quirks.  He will adore you and you him.  And through that bond, you will begin to truly appreciate yourself for the person you are.  A beautiful soul.