Dear Maria,

Turn to God and always trust in Him. He will never leave your side and will always guide you down the right path.  That intuition you will learn to eventually trust and listen to is Him and only Him.  Life is precious so continue to enjoy it day by day.  Don’t worry too much about the future because God will provide.

Never stop smiling because that is what brings joy and hope to people and the reason people are drawn to you.  It is a special gift from God.  Don’t ever let anyone try to stop your smiles because unfortunately they will but the love from God is stronger than any of them and that will triumph in the end.    

Don’t stop praying and going to Sunday mass.  This weekly ritual brings you joy and sharing it with your mother is priceless!   Family will always be there through thick and thin and they will always want the best for you so keep them first always.   Nature brings you peace and clarity so make sure to stay close to nature despite the attraction to the bright city lights.  Lights fade but never will the peace that nature brings to you.  

Continue to write in your journal.  Your letters to God will be your comfort and will teach you so much about yourself and what areas you need to heal.  As humans we tend to block events in our lives that affect us.  Through your writing you will remember and let go of where your fear comes from because God always wants you to be the BEST version of yourself!  The closer you are to God, the more you are learning what your purpose in life is.  You are a strong and loving woman that always wants the best for others.  Always fix your gaze on Him and anything is possible! 

Love Always,