Kim N.

Look at you … are promise and hope and ideals. You are beautiful inside and out but you don’t know it. The whole world is there for you. 
The most important thing is to be kind to yourself. LOVE yourself and it buys you freedom. Freedom to enjoy it ALL.
Do what you love. Do not spend your life pleasing others. They will love you anyways.
Know that knowledge is the ultimate power and confidence booster. Be open minded to everything and every
person you meet along the way. Embrace new experiences.
Discover YOGA early! 
Let go of religious dogma but search for answers and believe there is a higher power and purpose.
Do unto others…..The basics are always right. You will know in your soul if you are living a good life. 
LOVE DEEPLY.                                                     
NEVER get the taste for SUGAR. NEVER.                    
Let go of doubt.
Embrace your curls, at least some of the time. You will never have a cool haircut but those curls suit you  and make you unique.
Always believe in Love at first sight and the possibility of a Soul Mate. But do not be in any rush to marry. 
Who you are at 20 is very different than who you are at 40. 
However, if he is kind, loving, funny and values and respects you, maybe he is the one. 
Opposites attract… for a time. Remember that!
SLOW DOWN ! It will all get done and if it doesn’t it is ok. 
Move your body!        
LOVE DEEPLY          
Let go of fear.
Family is everything. Not just blood family.

Gratitude, kindness and a smile are all free. Give them away generously.  
Look people in the eye when interacting. The connection is amazing.
Live in the present!
YOU can make a difference. Hold on to your beliefs and try to make this world a better place.
Have at least one baby. Being a Mom is the hardest, worst paying, heart wrenching job in the world but no
 other experience will compare to it.
Learn to play an instrument!
Be an optimist. 
Learn to live with less. Recycle!
Girlfriends will truly save your life. Never forget them for a man. You can have both
Live it with all your heart and soul.
TO LOVE AND BE LOVED that is our purpose. Enjoy the journey.
“Love is everything. It is the key to life, and its influences are those that move the world.”