Dear younger self,    

Relax, slow down, and quit trying to want to grow up too fast. I invite you to lose yourself in the fantasy of childhood, be brave and adventurous; after all you are only eleven years old. Don’t allow your extreme shyness to bury you in isolation from others. Also remember making mistakes, disappointments and being hurt are part of life’s journey. These experiences are stepping stones to propel you on the road in which you will travel. And like a child’s blanket, I would encourage you to wrap yourself in the notion that the things which are meant for you will not be given to anyone else. Continue to surround yourself with people who embrace positive attributes, and stay steadfast in your faith. Cherish the ones you love, as life is short and time moves quickly.

However, you will come to the realization that happiness is not something tangible, but is a day to day process of choosing to be happy, regardless of your circumstances. You will soon grow into a strong, confident woman who takes pride in assisting individuals with special needs to achieve their goals.