Averill Bell - Childhood Photo

A note of love to my younger self:

You will have an amazing life! No matter what happens along the way, always remember that life is good! You will work hard and not everything will go the way you want, but things happen for a reason and all will be well in the end. You will shed a few tears along the way and your heart will break in more ways than one, but you will be blessed with so many wondrous things, all those tough moments will be what makes you who you are!

Try to enjoy the little things more and savour the day-to-day instead of worrying about things you cannot change. Life is good and deserves to be enjoyed no matter how bad or hard things get! Don’t be afraid to take chances, be daring and follow your gut no matter what! Don’t feel you have to do it all. Let life happen and try not to plan everything - it is the unexpected moments that can be the most wonderful of all. Life is full of changes so roll with them instead of stressing about them. Money will come and go but you will always be ok. Believe in yourself – you are better than you think you are! Love the people around you and trust in the true friendships you will make - they are worth more than gold. Be patient, not with just those around you, but with yourself as well. Always remember that love and happiness can be found in everything - know it will come to you in the most spectacular of ways so don’t ever stop believing in it - it will come!