Welcome to the first share of the Note to Self Project! We're kicking off the Note to Self Blog with our eldest and wisest contributor so far - 103-year-old Allen Griffiths, following in the next post.

Allen is one member of the village of contributors, who we've affectionately named 'Note-to-Selfers." These are wickedly-atuned, open and creative people who fearlessly agreed to have their portraits taken, handed over  a childhood photo of themselves and wrote a Note to Self - a note from the present to their childhood selves imparting words of wisdom,  insight or advice.

This blog will share entries from the original Note toSelf Project and new ones that come along as our community of reflective and compassionate people grows.

I'm really proud of the Note to Self Project! It's not just a great portrait collection but it's a heart project that make us better humans. When we read the notes that people write to their younger selves we realize that everyone around us has a story - a GREAT story - that, if we listen, encourage us to be more compassionate humans. So, subscribe to the Note to Self Project Blog at www.notetoselfproject.com and open your heart to the words of wisdom from people you've probably never met, but can't help love.

The Note to Self Project began in coffee shop in Aurora, Ontario in the spring of 2015 as a heart project. It seems that self-reflection and art make for an enticing combination because as the word spread the the project was looking for contributors, willing friends and strangers sprung up effortlessly. After shooting 101 portraits, we turned the project into a book, exhibited locally and it is now being taken up by communities of residents, students and cool like-minded people nearby and far away!

So, what would YOU say to your younger self?

Subscribe to this blog to see how others have answered that question and enjoy the portraits they inspired. I'm so glad you're here!



The Book

The first 101 contributions to the Note to Self Project were brought together into this gorgeous coffee table book. It's been getting accolades from our readers who tell us that it's touched them, humbled them and reminded them that life is filled with both blessings and challenges for all of us. If you'd like to purchase the book or preview it in our partner bookstore, please click here or on the book below.



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As we've been bring the project together, some of our Note-to-Selfers have been featured as guest bloggers on THE LOVE BLOG, where they've extended beyond their notes to share larger ideas and reflections on the Note to Self process. Join us on THE LOVE BLOG!



The Exhibit

THE NOTE TO SELF PROJECT hung at the Colleen Abbot Gallery in the Aurora Public Library in the Winter of 2016. This little video was created by Cindy Shaver at the library to share with our community.


the opening