Ati in the Snow

As a mother I've come to develope a slightly disgruntled disposition with the coming of winter. The added routine of stuffing boots onto wobbly toddler feet, trying to explain why mittens are necessary, runny nose patrol, puddles on the floor and the socked feet that walk through them - it's an extra circus that I would gladly give up for the summertime bliss of naked babies running about in only diapers. As a photographer though, a fresh blanket of snow is a backdrop like no other. The monotone of a million snowflakes subdues every colour of nature and people in the landscape just come alive! And so it was on Saturday morning, the earth covered in white and the sun lent its sparkle, László and I bundled up our little Ati with a mix of mumbled cursing and playtime excitement. His first bonafide snowfall, he couldn't believe what he was seeing and crouched down for several seconds to examine the phenomenon up close. Yup, he decided, this was good stuff! Mommy's going to have to get some feet warmers - we'll be out here a lot this year! Ati__Dukat Photos-1000 Ati__Dukat Photos-1001 Ati__Dukat Photos-1002 Ati__Dukat Photos-1003 Ati__Dukat Photos-1004