Portraits of a Lady

When we woke Sunday morning to thick snow and a chilly sky I was grateful for our cozy indoor plans with Katy. This was our last shoot of the year before we head to Budapest for the holidays and I couldn't think of a lovelier way to wrap it up - a deep soul in an large window, Katy is such a treat to photograph. She's so laid back and so poised all at once, you wouldn't guess she spends her days in the muddy trenches of construction sites as a Quality Control Manager.

So, to celebrate a great year we raise a glass in gratitude - to Katy and all the loveable and inspiring people we've photographed this year, may the road rise up to meet you!

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Love & Light,

Angela & László

Little Domenic's Visual Diary

Today is the day that little Domenic's mom returns to work. No doubt bitter-sweet for both of them, it is a momentous day for a mother and child. It gives them room to spread out and grow and deepens their love for one another. I imagine at this moment that they are missing one another deeply as they each gain their bearings. This evening when mom arrives home from work she will scoop up her wee man and hug him tighter than ever and he will hug back. A beautiful moment. One of those pause-and-be-exactly-where-you-are-right-now kind of moments.

In preparation for mom's return we put together this visual diary so that they would always remember the special things that made Domenic's first year distinct. Here's to another stellar year little man!


Love and Light,


Ati in the Snow

As a mother I've come to develope a slightly disgruntled disposition with the coming of winter. The added routine of stuffing boots onto wobbly toddler feet, trying to explain why mittens are necessary, runny nose patrol, puddles on the floor and the socked feet that walk through them - it's an extra circus that I would gladly give up for the summertime bliss of naked babies running about in only diapers. As a photographer though, a fresh blanket of snow is a backdrop like no other. The monotone of a million snowflakes subdues every colour of nature and people in the landscape just come alive! And so it was on Saturday morning, the earth covered in white and the sun lent its sparkle, László and I bundled up our little Ati with a mix of mumbled cursing and playtime excitement. His first bonafide snowfall, he couldn't believe what he was seeing and crouched down for several seconds to examine the phenomenon up close. Yup, he decided, this was good stuff! Mommy's going to have to get some feet warmers - we'll be out here a lot this year! Ati__Dukat Photos-1000 Ati__Dukat Photos-1001 Ati__Dukat Photos-1002 Ati__Dukat Photos-1003 Ati__Dukat Photos-1004


Soaring Sonia: One Dancer's Country Sunset Photo Shoot

The serene country sunsets that we witness out in Ontario farm country are usually second to none in beauty. Last weekend however, the stunning horizon had competition. As dusk began to settle Sonia carefully criss-crossed the ribbons on her point shoes and followed us out to the fields to dance for us. Her natural beauty and quiet power blended into the landscape when she slowly lowered herself into a back bend - snap! I could only shake my head at what the camera had recorded. Sonia was a vision. The orange sun beamed softly behind her - it seemed to lift her with light. Once warmed up, Sonia leapt, spun, SOARED through the air. Laci says Sonia schooled Newton on the laws of gravity. The light came on in Laci's creative eye. 'Again' he shouted out and she jumped and spun on a dime. 'Again' - she leapt. 'Again' - she swooped. 'Again' - he shouted out and Sonia, with ease took off as if on a spring board. Each time she jumped higher and more elegantly than before and each time Laci grew closer to his vision of capturing Soaring Sonia. Sonia trumped the sunset that night. It isn't hard to see why. 

 sonia dancer__Dukat Photos-1000 sonia dancer__Dukat Photos-1001 sonia dancer__Dukat Photos-1002

Dukát Photos {Soaring Sonia: One Dancer's Country Sunset Photos Shoot}

Daniela's Dancing Feet

This week we have been invited to photograph dancers studying with Dance Teacher Daniela - otherwise known as 'D'. It was D who encouraged me to take up dance lessons as an adult (which I thought I had no business doing!) teaching me that one is never too old to fulfill a childhood desire. I always wanted to dance jazz - big arms, wide steps, and yes, 'jazz hands'! That wasn't the only thing I learned from D. She is not only a master of the hip hop and jazz variety, but also a master manifestor. 'What is this?', you ask. A manifestor is someone who believes in the power of thought and vision and in one's ability to design their destiny. D would probably agree that her success was previewed by healthy doses of positive thinking and envisioning oneself doing what you dream of. Daniela hardly needs reminding by her tattooed feet that dancing is her passion. She has followed the golden rule of happiness: do what makes you happy. Daniela has danced her way to happy. Thanks for sitting for us D - I know, it's rare. ;)

daniela__Dukat Photos-1000 daniela__Dukat Photos-1001 daniela__Dukat Photos-1002 daniela__Dukat Photos-1003