Love in Budapest

What a way to start off the year! We spent the first days of 2014 in Budapest this year where no snow and boiled wine on every corner make life in a metropolis fun and easy. We were thrilled to have our jet-setting German friends Cornelius and Dominika join us while we were there.  They warmed up a grey day in the city with hugs and laughs and even stopped traffic across the busy Freedom Bridge! Laci and I have a special place in our hearts for our Budapest home - we fell in love and married there ourselves! - so a few photographs of our friends in love were a must as we walked the streets one foggy afternoon.

Budapest_Dukat Photos-1011
Budapest_Dukat Photos-103
Budapest_Dukat Photos-101
Budapest_Dukat Photos-106
Budapest_Dukat Photos-114
Budapest_Dukat Photos-1010
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Love and Light,

Angela & László

Karyn and Dan's Bloor West Village Engagement Shoot

When we photograph Karyn and Dan's wedding next summer they will have been together for ten years. Wow! But when you meet Karyn and Dan, it's not such a surprise. The way they move together, the way they fit together - even the way they hold hands - you know they've been doing it a long time. An early morning walk through Toronto's Bloor West Village with these two gorgeous people was like hanging out with old friends. They are so chill, full of laughs and up for anything - even standing in the middle of Bloor St. with oncoming traffic! Can't wait to photograph their June wedding at the beautiful Spencer's in Burlington. The only thing more stunning than that venue will be, of course, Karyn and Dan!  

Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1020
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1001
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1002
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1003
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1004
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1005
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1006
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1021
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1022
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1023
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1024
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1025
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1008
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1009
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1010
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1011
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1012
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1013
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1026

Love & Light,

Angela and László

Hope is Born

Late Friday afternoon I got a surprising call. A familiar voice from my grade school years was on the other end - his first babe had arrived days ago but it was already apparent that the wee wonder was going to grow quickly and something had to be done to freeze the moment - even if only in a photo. I was happy to solve the little dilemma of documenting his daughter's first days and we quickly made plans. I stepped into their home on Monday morning and there was proud Papa Paul with his tiny balled up baby - he stretched her out toward me. "Do you want to hold her?" Did I ever! The moment i nuzzled her into my inner elbow it all came back like a wave - my baby girl was this size only four months ago, but I only barely recall it. Yes, new parents are sleep deprived and especially when there are other children to care for the day is hectic and blurred but the truth is, even if we had every moment free to stare at them breathing they would still transform before us at a mind-blowing rate. And then nature plays this seemingly benign game with our memories, leading us to believe that our four-month-old baby is still as small as when she was born. I came home from my time with baby Hope and her beaming parents filled with their joy and squeezed my chubby babe and smelled her hair with a big deep breath and took in her blue eyes which are slowly turning brown and tried to remember if she was ever as little as Hope. "Of course she was," I thought, but I had to rifle through my pictures to see it for myself.

Thank you Paul and Jessy and newbie Hope for letting me document this moment in your lives. It's gone in a blink!

Newborn__Dukat Photos-1000

Love & Light,


Sonia and Paul's Beachside Engagement Shoot

Paul and Sonia's beachside engagement shoot is the epitome of what we love about specializing in outdoor photography. The beach isn't just a dreamy backdrop, it speaks volumes about Sonia and Paul, the kind of people they are and the relationship they nurture. This lakeside has grown with these high school sweethearts. They've been coming to the water for years to sit and be together (and perhaps to exchange a smooch or two ;). The place a couple chooses tells you a lot about them. Their calm, passion, wonder with the world and willingness to sit still and think. Our landscape gives back to us too if we spend time in it.  It speaks to us in deep ways about the beauty and mystery of life and if one is willing to reflect, the landscape will also reveal us to ourselves. I'm really glad we could document these two beautiful people in one of their favourite places. Our art is richer for their history there and I hope these images are a reminder to them of all the hours they spent arm in arm by the water together.

 Love and nature go so hand-in-hand, don't they?

Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1000
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1001
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1002
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1003
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1004
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1005
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1006
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1007
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1008

Love and Light,

Angela and László

Divya and Deepesh's Forest Maternity Shoot

Sometimes you meet people for whom the photos almost take themselves. Divya and Deepesh are so thrilled about the upcoming debut of their little girl that they just couldn't stop smiling - especially when they looked at one another. It didn't bother them that it was raining or that the bugs were buzzing. They were arm in arm and loving each moment. Divya and Deepesh filled the woods with romantic cuddles and belly laughs. It was evident that they have been long-time loves. After thirteen years together these parents-to-be are welcoming their wee babe into a relationship filled with friendship, respect and mutual admiration.

We wish you love and light on this beautiful journey!

MATERNITY__Dukat Photos-1000
MATERNITY__Dukat Photos-1001
MATERNITY__Dukat Photos-1007
MATERNITY__Dukat Photos-1002
MATERNITY__Dukat Photos-1003
MATERNITY__Dukat Photos-1004
MATERNITY__Dukat Photos-1005
MATERNITY__Dukat Photos-1006
MATERNITY__Dukat Photos-1008
MATERNITY__Dukat Photos-1010
MATERNITY__Dukat Photos-1009

Leslie and Dan's Beach Maternity Photo Shoot

It's a beautiful thing when you can tell by looking that two people are joined at the heart. Although quite young in years Leslie and Dan have known one another for more than a decade and it shows. They move like they know where the other is going, they laugh before the joke is told and their mutual adoration is heart warming. Now, after oodles of schooling, a collection of travel tales under their belts and enough moving to exhaust a migratory bird, Dan and Leslie are opening their lives to a little son who will join their family adventure. Even over one cup of coffee it became clear that any child of theirs will have to be up for anything because this beautiful couple is only going...well... up, up, up! We met Leslie and Dan and their baby-boy-to-be at the Beach on a sunny but shivery Saturday afternoon to celebrate the lead up to one of life's most beautiful adventures.

Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1000
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1001
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1002
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1003
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1004
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1005
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1006
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1007
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1008
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1009
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1010

We wish you love and light in all that comes.

Angela and László

{Leslie and Dan's Beach Maternity Photos Shoot with Dukát Photos: Pickering Beach, Ontario}