Daniela's Dancing Feet

This week we have been invited to photograph dancers studying with Dance Teacher Daniela - otherwise known as 'D'. It was D who encouraged me to take up dance lessons as an adult (which I thought I had no business doing!) teaching me that one is never too old to fulfill a childhood desire. I always wanted to dance jazz - big arms, wide steps, and yes, 'jazz hands'! That wasn't the only thing I learned from D. She is not only a master of the hip hop and jazz variety, but also a master manifestor. 'What is this?', you ask. A manifestor is someone who believes in the power of thought and vision and in one's ability to design their destiny. D would probably agree that her success was previewed by healthy doses of positive thinking and envisioning oneself doing what you dream of. Daniela hardly needs reminding by her tattooed feet that dancing is her passion. She has followed the golden rule of happiness: do what makes you happy. Daniela has danced her way to happy. Thanks for sitting for us D - I know, it's rare. ;)

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