Soaring Sonia: One Dancer's Country Sunset Photo Shoot

The serene country sunsets that we witness out in Ontario farm country are usually second to none in beauty. Last weekend however, the stunning horizon had competition. As dusk began to settle Sonia carefully criss-crossed the ribbons on her point shoes and followed us out to the fields to dance for us. Her natural beauty and quiet power blended into the landscape when she slowly lowered herself into a back bend - snap! I could only shake my head at what the camera had recorded. Sonia was a vision. The orange sun beamed softly behind her - it seemed to lift her with light. Once warmed up, Sonia leapt, spun, SOARED through the air. Laci says Sonia schooled Newton on the laws of gravity. The light came on in Laci's creative eye. 'Again' he shouted out and she jumped and spun on a dime. 'Again' - she leapt. 'Again' - she swooped. 'Again' - he shouted out and Sonia, with ease took off as if on a spring board. Each time she jumped higher and more elegantly than before and each time Laci grew closer to his vision of capturing Soaring Sonia. Sonia trumped the sunset that night. It isn't hard to see why. 

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