Meeting the Edmunds Family

It's always so much fun to shoot people we don't know because Laci and I are avid fans of adventure and surprise! You can prepare all you like but there's nothing like knocking on a stranger's door and seeing what's inside. As the door opened at the Edmunds family home it was like a vision from a Christmas movie! The scene - Santa's workshop! A little man greeted us excitedly at the threshold (ok,... it was a little boy, not a little man, but we're rolling with the theme here ;) and stared at us as though we had interrupted something. "Is mummy home?", I asked? He flung the door open and ran to find his mother who, with one hand was dressing a young girl and with the other combing another's hair. The bustle was nothing short of charming. Children preparing, parents directing, one little boy running about like Kevin in Home Alone when he realizes his parents are nowhere to be found. Mom and Dad were bombarded with questions about the whereabouts of items crucial at this very moment! Laci and I looked at one another - we wish this for ourselves someday. The edmunds kids were full of energy, up for anything and a total treat!  Whatever bribery tool or fear tactic mom and dad had pulled out to make that morning roll, it was genius! Here are a few shots of Mom, Dad and their beautiful kids on a sunny Sunday morning. Edmunds family__Dukat Photos-1000 Edmunds family__Dukat Photos-1001 Edmunds family__Dukat Photos-1002 Edmunds family__Dukat Photos-1003 Edmunds family__Dukat Photos-1004 Edmunds family__Dukat Photos-1005 Edmunds family__Dukat Photos-1006 Edmunds family__Dukat Photos-1007 Edmunds family__Dukat Photos-1008


Love and Light,

Angela & László

Ati in the Snow

As a mother I've come to develope a slightly disgruntled disposition with the coming of winter. The added routine of stuffing boots onto wobbly toddler feet, trying to explain why mittens are necessary, runny nose patrol, puddles on the floor and the socked feet that walk through them - it's an extra circus that I would gladly give up for the summertime bliss of naked babies running about in only diapers. As a photographer though, a fresh blanket of snow is a backdrop like no other. The monotone of a million snowflakes subdues every colour of nature and people in the landscape just come alive! And so it was on Saturday morning, the earth covered in white and the sun lent its sparkle, László and I bundled up our little Ati with a mix of mumbled cursing and playtime excitement. His first bonafide snowfall, he couldn't believe what he was seeing and crouched down for several seconds to examine the phenomenon up close. Yup, he decided, this was good stuff! Mommy's going to have to get some feet warmers - we'll be out here a lot this year! Ati__Dukat Photos-1000 Ati__Dukat Photos-1001 Ati__Dukat Photos-1002 Ati__Dukat Photos-1003 Ati__Dukat Photos-1004


Noah Turns Two

As Noah neared his second birthday his mom and dad sat down to the task of listing the likes and accomplishments that marked his second year. The long and detailed list made me think about what the world must seem like for a two year old - how vast and slow time must go by and how full a day must be, rich with learning and doing. Imagine what we would become if we continued to learn at the rate of toddlers! One thing is for sure - we would need those afternoon naps just as much as they do. We met the Dabits in the country to document Noah turning two and just in time to capture the season's turning leaves. If you're wondering why Noah's parents were assembling a list of the loves and learnings of Noah's second year take a look among their images for one of our favourite project ideas - a visual diary of a year in the life of a child.

We hope your third year is as rich as the second little man!

Noah__Dukat Photos-1000 Noah__Dukat Photos-1008Noah__Dukat Photos-1001 Noah__Dukat Photos-1002 Noah__Dukat Photos-1003 Noah__Dukat Photos-1004 Noah__Dukat Photos-1005 Noah__Dukat Photos-1006


Angela, László and Ati