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The Faryna Family

Photographing the Faryna family is a little like going out to photograph the running of the bulls - you have to be quick on your feet, ready for anything and try not to get knocked over. Not only do Becky and Tim have two energetic boys who are athletically agile but this year they decided to challenge my skills by adding a 120-lb Great Dane named Thunder to their family tree. Becky prepped me when we set the date - "Ange, please!" she begged, "No set-up, no lights, just shoot! You have to be quick," she warned me, like I was being briefed for a top-seacret spy mission. "They won't last long." Last year I wrapped them in Christmas lights and positioned baby Austin as the cowboy who had lassoed his unsuspecting family! Hilarious, right? Not for four-year-old Josh apparently, who didn't appreciate the ironic humour of a family restrained in twinkling lights by the resident baby. So this year I was ready. Two cameras strapped to my body like Dirty Harry, I sauntered casually into the yard and pretended I was there to photograph the clouds, the dirt, the fence - anything but cute kids at play. My stelth paparazzi skills are better than I thought, I guess. Sometimes the kids even looked over at me. Score! From my perch in the leafless bushes I managed to gather a few photographic keepsakes for two of my dearest friends and at least this time, outplayed the players. Mission accomplished!

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Faryna Family Photo Shoot {Dukát Photos: Aurora Wedding and Portrait Photographer}