Olivia Rose's Baptismal Bash

Baby Olivia Rose is a lucky little girl to be born to parents like Teresa and Paulo - because, if we're honest, nobody does it quiet like Teresa. Of course, I'm talking about throwing a party! Teresa arranged Olivia Rose's special day down to every last pink detail and Olivia Rose was nothing shy of impressive! The morning began with a houseful of guests, then off to the church, pictures galore with her giant Italian family and a reception that rivalled any wedding. People ate, danced, cooed at little Olivia and she pulled it off with smiles and flailing arms thanks to her uncanny ability to nap no matter how many people or how loud their racket! It truly was a beautiful party put on by the heart... and perhaps a small group of elves that Teresa employs to work through the night.

Congratulations Teresa, Paulo and Olivia Rose! May the road rise up to meet you.

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Love & Light,

Angela and László