Tony and Lisa

A Country Family Portrait Shoot to Remember

After 27 years on the farm Tony and Lisa have a bank of memories to draw on. They saw their children grow, run through the fields, build forts, bail hay, drive tractors - one never imagines how these things form a young person. Surely, farm life had an influence on their children for they grew up strong, clever and fearless. Now grown, their children are gems to be proud of - a doctor, an electrician, a heavy machine operator - but knowing Tony and Lisa all my life I'm sure what they would boast first is that their children are grounded and loving people, compassionate and fun. Lisa has often said that she only hoped that she could raise children that she herself would enjoy spending time with. Mission accomplished! And it's a testament, I think, to a family's bonds, that each week the children return to the family homestead to regroup and reenergize in the place where they grew up together. Soon, they will all say goodbye to wide open fields and giant blue skies they lived in for so long to move on to greener pastures. Any sadness they may feel over leaving the farm will surely dissipate when they gather to reminisce the years spent living off the land. We often say 'if these walls could talk' but for this family I'd be more inclined to say 'if these TREES could talk' - and if they could what would they say? They'd say LOVE LIVED HERE.

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{Dukát Photos: Tony and Lisa's Country Family Portrait Shoot}