Jaclyn and Pete's Maternity Shoot {Toronto Brickworks}

Yesterday I got an email from Jaclyn. With baby Kissel's arrival only a few short weeks away her nesting instinct had kicked in at full force. The other mothers among her recipient list likely smiled the same smile at their computer screens - the one that says, 'Yes, little mama, this is normal.' It's a sympathetic smile because we all remember that final month of waiting - the desire to clean everything, to put everything in it's place, to think of everything in advance of knowing you even have to think of it. In my ninth month pregnant with Ati I rearranged the furniture in our apartment,... several times. Laci would come home in the dark and curse my new arrangements and the new bruises he acquired on his shins. But it has to be done! If it doesn't need to be done for baby's arrival, it has to be done for the sanity of a patiently waiting mothers. So, part of Jaclyn's nesting project included an email to her circle of mothers asking advice in advance. Now this is VERY Jaclyn ;)! Why don't we all do more of this? Aren't the women around us an endless well of experience and love and support? "I figure who needs a book when I have amazing Mom's around me," she wrote. So true! We ARE amazing! :)  Truthfully though, we should follow this lead more in our lives. Let's drop the books and the web pages and the expert advice on daytime television that contradicts itself week to week. The women around us are our strength, our support systems, the cultural centers of our families. Our mothers are the guides, the manifestors the never-ending fountain of love and self-sacrifice and there is nothing and no one in the world that compares.

Sit tight little mama - It's all coming together and you are never alone.

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Love & Light,

Angela & Laci

Divya and Deepesh's Forest Maternity Shoot

Sometimes you meet people for whom the photos almost take themselves. Divya and Deepesh are so thrilled about the upcoming debut of their little girl that they just couldn't stop smiling - especially when they looked at one another. It didn't bother them that it was raining or that the bugs were buzzing. They were arm in arm and loving each moment. Divya and Deepesh filled the woods with romantic cuddles and belly laughs. It was evident that they have been long-time loves. After thirteen years together these parents-to-be are welcoming their wee babe into a relationship filled with friendship, respect and mutual admiration.

We wish you love and light on this beautiful journey!

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MATERNITY__Dukat Photos-1001
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Teresa and Paulo's Maternity Shoot

Only a few short weeks remain before Teresa and Paulo welcome their first wee babe into the world! Shakespeare had it wrong, I think. It's WAITING (far more than parting) that can be such sweet sorrow. Luckily, Teresa and Paulo are almost never sitting still... and likely never will again ;) We met Teresa and Paulo at their home where the bustle is at it's best - renovations rolling, a baby's room coming together, unpacked closets giving way to baby clothes and gear - all the tell-tale signs of a babe on the way. Always up for a good surprise, Teresa and Paulo don't know if they're having a girl or a boy -  As you can imagine, bets are flying and the family is rumbling with excitement. Old wives tales are being swapped across kitchen tables, superstitions are being shared and her belly, scientifically admired for shape and protrusion. The only one's who don't seem obsessed with the baby's gender are these two parents to be. Here are some favourites from our visit with my beautiful cousin Teresa and her hubby Paulo as they await their little......... girl! There - I said it!

Teresa Mat__Dukat Photos-1000
Teresa Mat__Dukat Photos-1001
Teresa Mat__Dukat Photos-1002
Teresa Mat__Dukat Photos-1003
Teresa Mat__Dukat Photos-1004
Teresa Mat__Dukat Photos-1005
Teresa Mat__Dukat Photos-1006

Love you three,

Angela and Laci

Leslie and Dan's Beach Maternity Photo Shoot

It's a beautiful thing when you can tell by looking that two people are joined at the heart. Although quite young in years Leslie and Dan have known one another for more than a decade and it shows. They move like they know where the other is going, they laugh before the joke is told and their mutual adoration is heart warming. Now, after oodles of schooling, a collection of travel tales under their belts and enough moving to exhaust a migratory bird, Dan and Leslie are opening their lives to a little son who will join their family adventure. Even over one cup of coffee it became clear that any child of theirs will have to be up for anything because this beautiful couple is only going...well... up, up, up! We met Leslie and Dan and their baby-boy-to-be at the Beach on a sunny but shivery Saturday afternoon to celebrate the lead up to one of life's most beautiful adventures.

Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1000
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1001
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1002
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1003
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1004
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1005
Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1006
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Leslie Mat__Dukat Photos-1008
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We wish you love and light in all that comes.

Angela and László

{Leslie and Dan's Beach Maternity Photos Shoot with Dukát Photos: Pickering Beach, Ontario}

Colette and Ryan's Stouffville Maternity Shoot

For World travellers Colette and Ryan wanderlust led them to the well-known yet untamable wilds of parenthood. Between the two of them they've seen dozens of the world's stunning landscapes but surely, nothing will seem more awe inspiring than when they look into the eyes of their own little babe. Must haves for the birth of baby Larsen will have to include a baby carrier, an infant hammock bed and a pair of steel-shanked hiking boots in size teeny-tiny because this little love baby is going to be on the move!  The adaptability required for travelling has served Ryan and Colette well. They're not fazed or frazzled by feat ahead. They're up for anything. (Feeewwff! THAT will come in handy!)

Like other brave parents-to-be (myself not included because it killed me not to know!) Colette and Ryan are also up for the surprise of baby's gender. As if birthing your first child is not itself full of surprises, they will also finally learn if they will be teaching a son or a daughter how to navigate maps and train systems. Do you think you know? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on wee baby L's gender.

A great thing about having your children close by your family is that they love to hold your baby, so you can make a tea and drink it ... WHILE IT'S STILL WARM! Ah, the little things. Ryan and Colette: welcome to the greatest adventure in the universe!


colette mat__Dukat Photos-1000-2 colette mat__Dukat Photos-1001-2 colette mat__Dukat Photos-1002-2 colette mat__Dukat Photos-1003-2

Lynn and James' Country Maternity Shoot

Lynn and James joined us in the country recently where we photographed a most exciting time for two people in love. These two in particular should be teaching classes on keeping it cool while waiting for baby - they were so chilled, patient and fun-loving, that if this baby doesn't come out with an umbrella drink in their hand, I'll be shocked! No doubt, this is one lucky little bundle to be born to such loving parents who will surely savour the awesome transformation that a couple experiences when two become three.

You probably know that Lynn and James have decided to keep baby's gender a secret!  Scandalous for the eager beavers among us, but an exciting element to add to their birthing experience. That won't stop us from casting our votes though! Lynn and James invite you to leave your vote in the comments box below: are the expecting a girl or a boy? Tell us who you are, cast your vote, even share an anecdote about the mother and father to be. We hope you enjoy this selection of images from Lynn and James' Country Maternity Shoot.

Thank you Lynn. Thank you James. Thank you peanut. It was our sincere pleasure.

lynn mat__Dukat Photos-1000 lynn mat__Dukat Photos-1001 lynn mat__Dukat Photos-1002 lynn mat__Dukat Photos-1003 lynn mat__Dukat Photos-1004 lynn mat__Dukat Photos-1005 lynn mat__Dukat Photos-1006 lynn mat__Dukat Photos-1007 yard appeal__Dukat Photos-1000-2lynn mat__Dukat Photos-1010


Angela and László