Tiny Gifts

Baby Leanne came into the world with a whisper. She's a tiny gift in a teeny sized package and is nothing short of magical! Yes, yes, you may be saying - the birth of a child is magical! But baby Leanne is not simply a gift herself, she HAS a gift. She is the magical fairy of babies to be. I discovered her gift when I scooped her up from her mother at my sister's wedding and carried her around to show her off to guests she had not yet met. I made special visits to two women in particular who were hoping to have babies themselves. I took her teeny little baby foot and rubbed each of the two women. We had a good laugh and I returned Baby Leanne to the comforting arms of her mother Colette. A couple weeks later I heard from both of the women that Baby Leanne had touched with her twinkle toes and they were BOTH expecting! This is a true story. There are two pregnant women out there right now singing the praises of Leanne's inspired touch. A tiny little gift with a gift of her own. What would one expect from two beautiful people. Congratulations Colette and Ryan on your new family! Careful who you rub up against ;)

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