Guinness Book of World Records

Care Bear Countdown to the Guinness Book

It's a rare and wonderful thing to meet someone with passion - especially when that passion involves friendly woodland creatures with painted bellies. So rare indeed is this passion that Colette Larsen is petitioning her caravan of caring colleagues into the Guinness Book of World Records. At a whopping 589 pieces, Colette's Care Bear collection has been growing since her teens, but not everyone shared Colette's love of the little bears. It wasn't uncommon to find one of her furry friends held hostage by friends or siblings, who are super lucky that Colette has a sense of humour! Some of the most interesting pieces of her collection include ice skates, a bicycle, a sleeping bag and Care Bear gummy candy, which would require the will power of a true collector not to eat. You don't have to think hard about it to see that Colette is a lot like her Bears - she's colourful and caring, friendly and giving and even without a heart painted on her belly, hers is always glowing.

I wish you love and light and a dozen Good Luck Bears as you make Care Bear history!