Doers and Makers: Daniella the Art-smith

Beginning any series with such a talented person inevitably sets the bar high in our search for ‘doers and makers’, but we’re up for the challenge. Meet Daniella the Artsmith. We met Daniella in her family’s Uxbridge workshop where she gave us a peak at how she is turning a family trade into an art form. Daniella is one of this world’s truly unique and courageous souls. Stepping outside the normative boundaries laid out for women (no – the struggle for gender equality is still not over!), Daniella took up welding. And she does it like no one else. We were supremely lucky to catch a glimpse of her latest creation for it seems Daniella can’t even get a piece finished before it gets scooped up by an art-lover with a keen eye for the rare and beautiful. The enormousness of her sculptures ensure that Daniella’s work becomes a permanent part of the Canadian landscape. Although her largest pieces are privately owned they command a presence, in size and artistry, that cannot be overlooked – and in one particular case, is scaring away the locals. 

Want to know more about Daniella? Check out her website metallyywisted.com

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