Cynthia McCaul

Doers and Makers: Yard Appeal

They say artists come in all forms. This one comes with a shovel. Cynthia McCaul transforms wilderness into wonderful - and with a conscience. She started her own landscaping business, Yard Appeal, and her talent has become so apparent that she's harder to have coffee with than the Queen! But if you tell her your garden is in chaos she can't resist the temptation to whip it into shape and she's over in a jiffy. Like our last Doer and Maker, Daniella the Art-smith, Cynthia too is rocking a traditionally male dominated profession and bringing  flare and eco-consciousness in spades. Not only are her designs stunning, but they incorporate native plants indigenous to our region that support local ecosystems instead of trying to change them. Neither Cynthia or her gardens are trying to be something they are not. Thoughtful, natural and beautiful  describe not only her work, but our featured landscape artist as well.

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