Colette and Ryan

Tiny Gifts

Baby Leanne came into the world with a whisper. She's a tiny gift in a teeny sized package and is nothing short of magical! Yes, yes, you may be saying - the birth of a child is magical! But baby Leanne is not simply a gift herself, she HAS a gift. She is the magical fairy of babies to be. I discovered her gift when I scooped her up from her mother at my sister's wedding and carried her around to show her off to guests she had not yet met. I made special visits to two women in particular who were hoping to have babies themselves. I took her teeny little baby foot and rubbed each of the two women. We had a good laugh and I returned Baby Leanne to the comforting arms of her mother Colette. A couple weeks later I heard from both of the women that Baby Leanne had touched with her twinkle toes and they were BOTH expecting! This is a true story. There are two pregnant women out there right now singing the praises of Leanne's inspired touch. A tiny little gift with a gift of her own. What would one expect from two beautiful people. Congratulations Colette and Ryan on your new family! Careful who you rub up against ;)

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Colette and Ryan's Stouffville Maternity Shoot

For World travellers Colette and Ryan wanderlust led them to the well-known yet untamable wilds of parenthood. Between the two of them they've seen dozens of the world's stunning landscapes but surely, nothing will seem more awe inspiring than when they look into the eyes of their own little babe. Must haves for the birth of baby Larsen will have to include a baby carrier, an infant hammock bed and a pair of steel-shanked hiking boots in size teeny-tiny because this little love baby is going to be on the move!  The adaptability required for travelling has served Ryan and Colette well. They're not fazed or frazzled by feat ahead. They're up for anything. (Feeewwff! THAT will come in handy!)

Like other brave parents-to-be (myself not included because it killed me not to know!) Colette and Ryan are also up for the surprise of baby's gender. As if birthing your first child is not itself full of surprises, they will also finally learn if they will be teaching a son or a daughter how to navigate maps and train systems. Do you think you know? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on wee baby L's gender.

A great thing about having your children close by your family is that they love to hold your baby, so you can make a tea and drink it ... WHILE IT'S STILL WARM! Ah, the little things. Ryan and Colette: welcome to the greatest adventure in the universe!


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