Anna's Bridal Shower


Writing about someone so close to me is the trickiest of things I find. You know them so well and they know you so well that any amount of hyperbole is transparent and unnecessary. We are sisters. We love one another as sister do - with a deep and historical love that at times includes little verbal spats that are, thankfully, quickly overcome. We share a history that we will never overcome and that only WE will understand. In a few short weeks Anna and I will share the world of wifehood and eventually motherhood and we will enter into a faze of our lives that redefines, reinforces and reinvigorates our sisterhood. I am thrilled and excited for this. I have so many reasons to be proud of my sister - the least of which is what a beautiful woman she has turned into, for her true accomplishments are not visible from the outside. Those are the ones I will continue to cherish years from now.


Congratulations to my  little sister and let the countdown to the big day begin!!!  

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Dukat Photos {Anna's Bridal Shower}