Daniela & Edvard's Atlantis Wedding {Paradise Island, Bahamas}

This time last year we were waiting for a barefoot bride to walk down a sandy beach aisle to her longtime love and I thought, it just doesn't get better than this! Love, family, a stunning backdrop, the smell of salt and the sound of crashing waves - it's a shame that a camera can only record the equivalent of one of ours senses. For non-traditional, outdoor-lovers Daniela and Edvard, a beach wedding with some of their favourite people seemed like the only way to go. It was a vision Daniela had locked away in her head when she had visited Paradise beach nine years earlier and true to the power of imagining what you want, here she was, walking toward a draped pergola and her husband-to-be standing beneath it. In a gorgeous place like this there are a lot of wedding formalities that can go by the wayside - décor, stuffy shoes and one formality that Edvard was all too glad to dispense of - a suit! One thing they did not do away with was dancing! With their family around them they danced about as hard as anyone could... and if you look closely, you might even see Daniela dancing her way to getting married! This month, Daniela and Edvard celebrate ten years together and their first wedding anniversary and we raise a glass to them - cin-cin e cent'anni! Cheers to 100 years!




We were so happy to be part of your love and light.

Angela & László



Katelynn & Daniel's Bahamas Love Shoot

Oh baby, is it ever cold outside! I don't think I'm alone in wishing my fingers were running through sand instead of through snow right now. But with no plane ticket in view, I thought it was a good time to bask in the gorgeousness of Katelynn and Daniel's Bahamas love shoot. It's filled with all the things we love, love, love to shoot - passion, emotion, connection ... and of course, love in far away places!

Katelynn cover_Dukat Photos
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Wishing you love and Light,