Daniela & Edvard's Atlantis Wedding {Paradise Island, Bahamas}

This time last year we were waiting for a barefoot bride to walk down a sandy beach aisle to her longtime love and I thought, it just doesn't get better than this! Love, family, a stunning backdrop, the smell of salt and the sound of crashing waves - it's a shame that a camera can only record the equivalent of one of ours senses. For non-traditional, outdoor-lovers Daniela and Edvard, a beach wedding with some of their favourite people seemed like the only way to go. It was a vision Daniela had locked away in her head when she had visited Paradise beach nine years earlier and true to the power of imagining what you want, here she was, walking toward a draped pergola and her husband-to-be standing beneath it. In a gorgeous place like this there are a lot of wedding formalities that can go by the wayside - décor, stuffy shoes and one formality that Edvard was all too glad to dispense of - a suit! One thing they did not do away with was dancing! With their family around them they danced about as hard as anyone could... and if you look closely, you might even see Daniela dancing her way to getting married! This month, Daniela and Edvard celebrate ten years together and their first wedding anniversary and we raise a glass to them - cin-cin e cent'anni! Cheers to 100 years!




We were so happy to be part of your love and light.

Angela & László



Ashley and Patrick's Atlantis Wedding {Toronto}

I sat down to write about Ashley and Patrick's Irish-Canadian wedding searching for a good Irish proverb about marriage. A nice lead-in, I thought!  Twenty minutes later I was still sitting there, my head sinking into my open palm. These must be the cheekiest people on the planet, I conceded! Jokes, teases, witty quips about wives and woes and the only cure for love being marriage ... Then it came to me that laughter and silliness were what made Ashley and Patrick's wedding so fun to be at and so great to photograph. The bride and groom's colourful Irish guests (both in character and in dress!), a group of witty groomsmen, a candy bar as far as the eye could see, a dress up photo booth, a ladies dance mob - even the priest had a few jokes up his sleeve. You don't need the famous words of a poet to highlight that some people have the gift of a light-hearted spirit, quick wit and unconditional love. Patrick and Ashley, we wish you a lifetime of these virtues!

Angela and László

Dave and Bianca's Dr's House Wedding {Kleinburg}

On a lovely spring day like today I think it's safe to sit back and admire a beautiful winter wedding, right? Well here's a gorgeous event of rustic and bling to admire  - Dave and Bianca's warm-your-heart Kleinburg wedding hosted at the Dr's House. It's filled with creative touches and touching moments, beautiful people, a party bus, photo adventures around Kleinburg and absolutely bone-chilling weather, which the Montrealers quickly remedied with shots and wicked dance floor moves!  There's nothing like a good party with heart and this wedding celebration is teeming with both. Love and Light to you, Bianca and Dave, on all your future adventures!

Angela and László

Sabrina and Daniele's Italian-Canadian Wedding Reception

Like so many couples who don't grow up in the same country, Sabrina and Daniele were challenged with the task of celebrating their marriage, not once, but twice! After their Italian wedding they jetted to Canada where Sabrina's family was eagerly awaiting their opportunity to dance circles around their newest family bride and welcome her charming new husband. Not only did they throw a fantastic Italian-Canadian wedding reception, but they did it with equal parts class and silliness which both Sabrina and Daniele carry so well. It takes a good deal of good spirit and silliness to cancel out a rainy day, but with the help of their boisterous family, they gave us all something beautiful to remember them by.

Sending love and light,

Angela & László

Caitlyn and Jeremy's Vintage Inspired Wedding {Cambridge Mill, Ontario}

Love is contagious - this is certain - and Caitlyn and Jeremy's Spring wedding at Cambridge Mill was overflowing with it. Not only were they over the moon for one another, but much of what they integrated into their wedding day had history and at some point or another belonged to someone they loved. If you believe, like I do, that material things can become imbued with the energy and intentions of their owner, then you'll agree that this gorgeous bride was emanating generations of love and hope as she floated down the aisle to say "I do." An heirloom pin, grandmother's wedding rings, mother's kerchief, nana's earrings ... it's not surprising that Caitlyn and Jeremy were overcome with happy tears and gratitude for all their family and friends. Every detail of their wedding was touching. One might have thought that the phrase "Spread the Love" printed on the jam jar gifts was just a cute play on words, but some took it to heart. One of Caitlyn's maids met the man of her dreams in the seat next to her that night and will be saying her own "I do's" this summer. Whatever was in that jam, keep spreading it!

Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1000
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1001
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1002
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1003
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1005
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1004
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1006
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1008
Dukat Photos Wedding_Evans
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1009
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1010
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1011
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1012
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1013
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1014
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1015
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1016
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1017
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1018
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1019
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1020
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1021
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1023
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1024
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1025
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1026
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1027
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1028
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1029
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1030
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1031
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1032
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1033
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1034
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1036
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1037
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1038
Cambridge Mill_Evans Wedding__Dukat Photos-1039

Thank you Caitlyn and Jeremy for inviting us to be part of your gorgeous wedding. We felt the love too!    

Love and light,

Angela & László

Venue: Cambridge Mill

Caitlyn's Dress: Essence of Australia

The Cake: Made by Jaym,

Caitlyn's Flowers - Sanna Lavallee

Karyn and Dan's Waterfront Wedding {Spencer's on the Waterfront}

When two people get married after ten years, like Karyn and Dan did this past summer, they invite all those years of history to come too. Having known one another through such growth and change - it's no surprise that their wedding day was an emotional one. We too felt it. It stayed with us for days (one of the many rejuvenating gifts we get from photographing weddings). Working through their wedding collection I realized they had been doing their best to slow down every moment - cheek to cheek or foreheads together or eyes locked in gaze. What a deep well of thoughts and memories they could have drawn from in those silent pauses.

We wish you millions more of those moments Karyn and Dan! And we hope our art will help you go back in time anytime you please.




Love and light,

Angela and László

Scott and Melissa's Rolling Hills Wedding

Scott and Melissa could not have asked for a more beautiful day when they exchanged vows on Saturday. Surrounded by the people they love they said their "I Do's" under the open sky with the rolling hills of Stouffville as their backdrop. Saturday didn't just mark the coming together of two people, but of a family. Melissa became a wife to Scott and a mother to young Jonathan who was a a cornerstone of the wedding ceremony. He melted hearts when he exchanged rings with Melissa, pointing out that she already had one on her finger! I suppose he thought he was the only man in Melissa's life.

With a large and lively wedding party leading the way, Scott and Melissa partied into the night, but it wasn't hard to convince them to sneak out into the dark. You'll see what I mean.

Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1000
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1001
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1002
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1003
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1004
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1005
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1006
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1007
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1008
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1009
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1010
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1011
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1012
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1013
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1014
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1015
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1016
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1017
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1018
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1019
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1020
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1021
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1022
Melissa wedding__Dukat Photos-1023

Congratulations lovebirds. Cheers to a hundred years!

Angela and László