Renata & Cameron's Outdoor Love Session

I love asking couples about their history. It always brings out inspiring stories about how and where they met and a it's a reminder of the serendipity of it all. How on earth we end up where we end up could be so wildly different if we had only made one choice per day differently. For Renata and Cameron, a series of choices and challenges define the 25 year road they've travelled together. They began as two young babes, on September 15th, 1990. 

When I asked Renata her story, she began like this:

"I was 16 years old living in São Paulo. One night I went to a party with school friends which was to be a blind date with my friend's brother-in-law. I remember thinking, "He better be nice, because I'm going to marry him." He was 20 and was in university. He thought I was 18. When he realized how young I was, I guess it was too late.
We dated for four years before moving in together and lived together for four more years before deciding, on a whim, to get married. We began thinking about moving to Canada, and thought it would be easier to stay together if we were legally married, so four months after his proposal, we eloped. We had decided to sell our car to buy our tickets to Canada, but our car got stolen, so the Canada dream had to wait another two years. One day we decided it was time to move, so we quit our jobs, packed two suitcases each, closed the apartment and moved to Toronto, Canada."
"Oh, those first years! You know those wedding vows...  for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part? We started off with with the bad... the 'worse', 'poorer', 'sickness' part. The first 19 years were a rollercoaster. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. At the time it seemend like a never endingbad luck streak, but it's so nice to look back after all these years and see how far we have come... Yes, we made it! We also probably hold the world record of longest time together before having a child. Our son celebrated his first birthday just after our twenty year anniversary of being together!
Because of that "poorer" part, we never got to have decent pictures of our elopment. A cousin was nice enough to take pictures for us, but then I destroyed the kiss photo by opening the camera thinking the film had been unwinded, when it hadn't. So, when we celebrated 25 years together, all I wanted was some great pictures. We are a bit heavier, there's less hair, but oh, how I treasure these images!"


Katelynn & Daniel's Bahamas Love Shoot

Oh baby, is it ever cold outside! I don't think I'm alone in wishing my fingers were running through sand instead of through snow right now. But with no plane ticket in view, I thought it was a good time to bask in the gorgeousness of Katelynn and Daniel's Bahamas love shoot. It's filled with all the things we love, love, love to shoot - passion, emotion, connection ... and of course, love in far away places!

Katelynn cover_Dukat Photos
Love Shoot__Dukat Photos-1001
Love Shoot__Dukat Photos-1002
Love Shoot__Dukat Photos-1003
Love Shoot__Dukat Photos-1004
Love Shoot__Dukat Photos-1005
Love Shoot__Dukat Photos-1007
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Love Shoot__Dukat Photos-1018
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Wishing you love and Light,


Love in Budapest

What a way to start off the year! We spent the first days of 2014 in Budapest this year where no snow and boiled wine on every corner make life in a metropolis fun and easy. We were thrilled to have our jet-setting German friends Cornelius and Dominika join us while we were there.  They warmed up a grey day in the city with hugs and laughs and even stopped traffic across the busy Freedom Bridge! Laci and I have a special place in our hearts for our Budapest home - we fell in love and married there ourselves! - so a few photographs of our friends in love were a must as we walked the streets one foggy afternoon.

Budapest_Dukat Photos-1011
Budapest_Dukat Photos-103
Budapest_Dukat Photos-101
Budapest_Dukat Photos-106
Budapest_Dukat Photos-114
Budapest_Dukat Photos-1010
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Love and Light,

Angela & László