Ashley and Patrick's hiking trail Engagement Shoot

Ashley and Patrick are one of the sweetest and most adventurous couples we know. They met and fell in love out to sea and have oscillated between living on land and water since they met. Personally, László and I thrive on change and adventure and maybe that's why we're so fond of these two.  Spending time with them and their friends and family has reminded us about the power of kindness, understanding and working together - about pursuing your passion even when you aren't both standing on the same continent or time zone. One fall day, when Patrick was home from a cruise adventure, I met them on a local trail  for a pre wedding session to warm them up for their big day.

Visit us again for Patrick and Ashley's beautiful Irish-Canadian wedding bash at the Atlantis in Toronto, coming up in a couple days.

Until then, love and light!


How to Kiss in a Rowboat (and Other Secrets of Love)

Having only been married a few short years myself, I'm not purporting to know the secrets of love and long marriage, but the more time I spend with couples the more I learn about the many things that draw people together - and keep them together. In Bianca and Dave I see three ties that bind; Their common sense of adventure, Dave's never-ending mission to make Bianca laugh (coupled, of course, with Bianca's love of laughter!), and their delicate sense of balance. Bianca and Dave have been together many years (since Bianca was in high school!), so whatever they're doing, they're doing it right. When they woke up on the day of their engagement shoot to gloomy skies it didn't deter them for a second. This was the first sign that they were up for the adventure and not waiting for everything to appear perfect. The most awesome surprises can come out of just jumping in, right?! And that's precisely how it went. It was a beautiful gloomy summer day filled with a lot of laughs,...

Long glances and sentimental moments...

And a romantic afternoon getaway to a little private pond.

As if to thank them for their faith in the day, the clouds burst open in late afternoon for sixty seconds of beautiful flooding sunlight!

The sun and clouds had spent the day playing the delicate game of balance that made Bianca and Dave's engagement shoot so perfect. The only thing left for them to do was jump into the row boat and practice their own hand at the art of balance.

Later this week we will be sharing Bianca and Dave's beautiful Kleinburg wedding at the Dr.'s House. Until then, wishing you love and light!


Lakeside Love for Long Distance Hearts {Calmwaters Cottage}

It's so hard to be apart. This I remember vividly. László and I fell in love in late spring, spent the summer together, the fall, apart, and were married in early winter. Living on separate continents seemed like the hardest thing on earth at the time. I know lots of people do it, but when it's you, it seems like the waiting is never-ending. For Lauren and Matthew, the waiting is almost over. Lauren and Matthew met serendipitously at a wedding last May, after which they would have returned to their respective homes, a continent apart, likely not to cross paths again. But when you listen to them tell the story of the night they met, you come to understand quickly that there was a deep, immutable force that drew them together that had them proclaiming that very day, that they were destined to be together. Who could refute such surety? Today they are counting down the days until Lauren closes up her last box and moves to San Francisco to be with her forever-love.  In June they will exchange vows, making for a whirlwind year of love and change.

We met Matthew and Lauren at Calmwaters Cottage on Puslinch Lake on Sunday,  where Matthew proposed. They wow'd us with their hospitality, great taste in wine, and above all, their gorgeous blue formalwear! The chilly lonely landscape might be a fitting metaphor for the challenges for long-distance love, but soon enough, these two loves will be in the warm and sunny arms of San Francisco, and most importantly, one another.

We hope these images can tie you over, Matthew and Lauren. We can't wait for your big day!

Angela and László

Sabrina and Daniele's Countryside Engagement Shoot

It's often said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. In the case of Daniele and Sabrina, I think absence has made the heart grow longer. With our loved Sabrina and Daniele living abroad, our family and theirs have stretched their hearts across the ocean to keep the ties that bind. And with a baby on the way, it wouldn't surprise me if it mobilizes this particular family to go into the business of cross-Atlantic bridge building. We wouldn't change our love for trans-Oceanic marriages for anything - after all, we're an eclectically beautiful clan because of it.

Certainly however, the weather on the day of Sabrina and Daniele's engagement shoot was determined to mimic the celebrations and challenges of living far from people we love - sometimes it's an opportunity for growth and exploration and binds us tighter, and other times it's just plain crummy and we're grateful for social media and video conferencing. So on this day, the clouds loomed, making stunning heavy patterns in the sky, and then the wind picked up and whipped them around a bit. It threatened rain and we were ready to get poured on. Then, just as the sun began to set, the clouds parted. The sun streamed down and gave us the most beautiful cloudy mountains. It seemed poetic as metaphors go - for life, for marriage, everything, really. Whether we're near or far from people we love sometimes we wait for clouds to pass and sun to shine and beauty to reveal itself. And sometimes, nothing can substitute getting on a plane so we can hug each other in the same timezone.

Love, Angela, László and the whole clan.

Karyn and Dan's Bloor West Village Engagement Shoot

When we photograph Karyn and Dan's wedding next summer they will have been together for ten years. Wow! But when you meet Karyn and Dan, it's not such a surprise. The way they move together, the way they fit together - even the way they hold hands - you know they've been doing it a long time. An early morning walk through Toronto's Bloor West Village with these two gorgeous people was like hanging out with old friends. They are so chill, full of laughs and up for anything - even standing in the middle of Bloor St. with oncoming traffic! Can't wait to photograph their June wedding at the beautiful Spencer's in Burlington. The only thing more stunning than that venue will be, of course, Karyn and Dan!  

Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1020
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Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1013
Engagement_Totonto__Dukat Photos-1026

Love & Light,

Angela and László

Sonia and Paul's Beachside Engagement Shoot

Paul and Sonia's beachside engagement shoot is the epitome of what we love about specializing in outdoor photography. The beach isn't just a dreamy backdrop, it speaks volumes about Sonia and Paul, the kind of people they are and the relationship they nurture. This lakeside has grown with these high school sweethearts. They've been coming to the water for years to sit and be together (and perhaps to exchange a smooch or two ;). The place a couple chooses tells you a lot about them. Their calm, passion, wonder with the world and willingness to sit still and think. Our landscape gives back to us too if we spend time in it.  It speaks to us in deep ways about the beauty and mystery of life and if one is willing to reflect, the landscape will also reveal us to ourselves. I'm really glad we could document these two beautiful people in one of their favourite places. Our art is richer for their history there and I hope these images are a reminder to them of all the hours they spent arm in arm by the water together.

 Love and nature go so hand-in-hand, don't they?

Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1000
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1001
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1002
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1003
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1004
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1005
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Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1007
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1008

Love and Light,

Angela and László