Daniella Boerhoff

I’ve known this woman most of my life - she’s a fire ninja with a sense of humour, a hard-working dreamer, a lovable metal-bending sister who turned a corner of the family welding business into a dreamscape of metallic creatures and creations that could only come out of this beautiful brain!

We photographed Daniella for one of our first heart projects, Doers and Makers, in 2012 and since then she’s dug into her craft ever deeper and created her own label, Metally Twisted. In 2017 I revisited Daniella, now with her own studio space, to shoot her portrait for the Portrait of a Lady Exhibit I had coming up. We started off with the necessary shenanigans to get a humble creator like Daniella to stand up on her table like a conquerer for the portrait I had in my mind. We asked Daniella to share some thoughts on her work which pepper the pictures we’ve pulled from the archive today to celebrate this very cool lady.



Daniella Boerhoff in her Uxbridge Studio, 2017

Writing by Daniella Boerhoff


“I fell in love with creating sculpture out of metal because I get to build something that is alive out of cold, hard material. Plus, I get to work with fire. 


Metal can be difficult to work with and difficult to manipulate, but it can also feel very organic.  So far I have used mainly large, flat sheets of steel and rods in varying thicknesses, and I cut and bend, hammer, heat, and weld them together to build what I want. 


What I want tends to shift with the mood I'm in, and what idea has either popped into my head or perhaps something I've seen in my day to day living that inspires me.  Sometimes it's other people who share their ideas and wants with me and we create something from there. 

Shadow of a Queen , Portrait of a Lady Exhibit, 2017.

Shadow of a Queen, Portrait of a Lady Exhibit, 2017.

Every time I finish a new piece and am able to step back and take it in I feel accomplished. 


I feel proud that it is something I've made with my own hands, and I am always so honoured and wondrously thrilled when others enjoy my work enough to bring them home.”


Daniella Boerhoff in her Uxbridge Studio, 2017