Amanda Perrone


I took these portraits of Amanda last week in preparation for her Moon Masters course beginning online this fall. I love taking strong and beautiful portraits that help celebrate, elevate and empower us. Photographs can make us 'feel' deeply, and once we feel it, well... we're already there! You can read Amanda's words below and find links to her online community.

[written by Amanda Perrone, July 2018]
In my work I teach others the art of creating energetic space and a life by design. These photographs not only captured my essence and power, but they are also a living example of what I teach. When Angela captured my image she created a space where this woman lives, and I have proudly stepped right into it. The momentum and space this image created has been nothing short of magnificent. 
I am a teacher and a healer, and it is my mission to show others how to utilize the natural rhythms and cycles of nature to create in flow with this magnificent universe. I hold monthly circles, full moon ceremonies and group programs. If youd like to learn more I encourage you to join my free Facebook group RISE, which you can find here:
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