Ashley and Patrick's Atlantis Wedding {Toronto}

I sat down to write about Ashley and Patrick's Irish-Canadian wedding searching for a good Irish proverb about marriage. A nice lead-in, I thought!  Twenty minutes later I was still sitting there, my head sinking into my open palm. These must be the cheekiest people on the planet, I conceded! Jokes, teases, witty quips about wives and woes and the only cure for love being marriage ... Then it came to me that laughter and silliness were what made Ashley and Patrick's wedding so fun to be at and so great to photograph. The bride and groom's colourful Irish guests (both in character and in dress!), a group of witty groomsmen, a candy bar as far as the eye could see, a dress up photo booth, a ladies dance mob - even the priest had a few jokes up his sleeve. You don't need the famous words of a poet to highlight that some people have the gift of a light-hearted spirit, quick wit and unconditional love. Patrick and Ashley, we wish you a lifetime of these virtues!

Angela and László