How to Kiss in a Rowboat (and Other Secrets of Love)

Having only been married a few short years myself, I'm not purporting to know the secrets of love and long marriage, but the more time I spend with couples the more I learn about the many things that draw people together - and keep them together. In Bianca and Dave I see three ties that bind; Their common sense of adventure, Dave's never-ending mission to make Bianca laugh (coupled, of course, with Bianca's love of laughter!), and their delicate sense of balance. Bianca and Dave have been together many years (since Bianca was in high school!), so whatever they're doing, they're doing it right. When they woke up on the day of their engagement shoot to gloomy skies it didn't deter them for a second. This was the first sign that they were up for the adventure and not waiting for everything to appear perfect. The most awesome surprises can come out of just jumping in, right?! And that's precisely how it went. It was a beautiful gloomy summer day filled with a lot of laughs,...

Long glances and sentimental moments...

And a romantic afternoon getaway to a little private pond.

As if to thank them for their faith in the day, the clouds burst open in late afternoon for sixty seconds of beautiful flooding sunlight!

The sun and clouds had spent the day playing the delicate game of balance that made Bianca and Dave's engagement shoot so perfect. The only thing left for them to do was jump into the row boat and practice their own hand at the art of balance.

Later this week we will be sharing Bianca and Dave's beautiful Kleinburg wedding at the Dr.'s House. Until then, wishing you love and light!