Lakeside Love for Long Distance Hearts {Calmwaters Cottage}

It's so hard to be apart. This I remember vividly. László and I fell in love in late spring, spent the summer together, the fall, apart, and were married in early winter. Living on separate continents seemed like the hardest thing on earth at the time. I know lots of people do it, but when it's you, it seems like the waiting is never-ending. For Lauren and Matthew, the waiting is almost over. Lauren and Matthew met serendipitously at a wedding last May, after which they would have returned to their respective homes, a continent apart, likely not to cross paths again. But when you listen to them tell the story of the night they met, you come to understand quickly that there was a deep, immutable force that drew them together that had them proclaiming that very day, that they were destined to be together. Who could refute such surety? Today they are counting down the days until Lauren closes up her last box and moves to San Francisco to be with her forever-love.  In June they will exchange vows, making for a whirlwind year of love and change.

We met Matthew and Lauren at Calmwaters Cottage on Puslinch Lake on Sunday,  where Matthew proposed. They wow'd us with their hospitality, great taste in wine, and above all, their gorgeous blue formalwear! The chilly lonely landscape might be a fitting metaphor for the challenges for long-distance love, but soon enough, these two loves will be in the warm and sunny arms of San Francisco, and most importantly, one another.

We hope these images can tie you over, Matthew and Lauren. We can't wait for your big day!

Angela and László