Lisa and the Allegory for Spring

If there is anyone who can summon spring's blooms it's Lisa. A bright, ever-smiling, creative beauty, Lisa hasn't changed a single bit since I last saw her twenty years ago. Lisa came into the studio this weekend with this caveat - "You know I've never done this before, right?" I assume she meant sit as a model. I dismissed her, perhaps too flippantly, because I knew that Lisa was the perfect choice for a project that needed doing. This has been a long and chilly spring and I felt we could all use a little bit of metaphoric conjuring. So, Lisa arrived, inspirational headpiece in hand (designed by Robin Sevigny) and no idea what to expect. Yes, spring can be a little like that, no? Let the warmup begin!

It didn't take long for Lisa's transformation into Spring to take shape.

With her headpiece in place it seemed that Lisa was indeed invoking the grace and awe that the season holds.

And if nothing else, Spring has had her fun with us this year!But our allegory for Spring didn't seem complete until we ventured into the wilds where Lisa gave in and truly embraced her role as mother nature's most optimistic daughter.

So let this be our ode to Spring, our visual invitation for the beauty and miracle that the season offers, and above all a threshold through which we can pass and emerge refreshed, vibrant and inspired.

An enormous thank you to Lisa for being the most beautiful of muses and an enthusiastic proponent of "Anything for Art" which she repeated vehemently as we shot outdoors. Thank you also to Robin Sevigny for the beautiful spring headpiece, to Alaina Lee for styling Lisa's amazing hair, and to Laura Misek, Linda Allen and Anna Andronova, three most creative and knowledgeable assistants. Now, bring on the Spring!