Portraits of a Lady

When we woke Sunday morning to thick snow and a chilly sky I was grateful for our cozy indoor plans with Katy. This was our last shoot of the year before we head to Budapest for the holidays and I couldn't think of a lovelier way to wrap it up - a deep soul in an large window, Katy is such a treat to photograph. She's so laid back and so poised all at once, you wouldn't guess she spends her days in the muddy trenches of construction sites as a Quality Control Manager.

So, to celebrate a great year we raise a glass in gratitude - to Katy and all the loveable and inspiring people we've photographed this year, may the road rise up to meet you!

Katy_Dukat Photos-1007
Katy_Dukat Photos-1002
Katy_Dukat Photos-1006
Katy_Dukat Photos-1004
Katy_Dukat Photos-1003
Katy_Dukat Photos-1005
Katy_Dukat Photos-1008

Love & Light,

Angela & László