Jaclyn and Pete's Maternity Shoot {Toronto Brickworks}

Yesterday I got an email from Jaclyn. With baby Kissel's arrival only a few short weeks away her nesting instinct had kicked in at full force. The other mothers among her recipient list likely smiled the same smile at their computer screens - the one that says, 'Yes, little mama, this is normal.' It's a sympathetic smile because we all remember that final month of waiting - the desire to clean everything, to put everything in it's place, to think of everything in advance of knowing you even have to think of it. In my ninth month pregnant with Ati I rearranged the furniture in our apartment,... several times. Laci would come home in the dark and curse my new arrangements and the new bruises he acquired on his shins. But it has to be done! If it doesn't need to be done for baby's arrival, it has to be done for the sanity of a patiently waiting mothers. So, part of Jaclyn's nesting project included an email to her circle of mothers asking advice in advance. Now this is VERY Jaclyn ;)! Why don't we all do more of this? Aren't the women around us an endless well of experience and love and support? "I figure who needs a book when I have amazing Mom's around me," she wrote. So true! We ARE amazing! :)  Truthfully though, we should follow this lead more in our lives. Let's drop the books and the web pages and the expert advice on daytime television that contradicts itself week to week. The women around us are our strength, our support systems, the cultural centers of our families. Our mothers are the guides, the manifestors the never-ending fountain of love and self-sacrifice and there is nothing and no one in the world that compares.

Sit tight little mama - It's all coming together and you are never alone.

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Love & Light,

Angela & Laci