Sonia and Paul's Beachside Engagement Shoot

Paul and Sonia's beachside engagement shoot is the epitome of what we love about specializing in outdoor photography. The beach isn't just a dreamy backdrop, it speaks volumes about Sonia and Paul, the kind of people they are and the relationship they nurture. This lakeside has grown with these high school sweethearts. They've been coming to the water for years to sit and be together (and perhaps to exchange a smooch or two ;). The place a couple chooses tells you a lot about them. Their calm, passion, wonder with the world and willingness to sit still and think. Our landscape gives back to us too if we spend time in it.  It speaks to us in deep ways about the beauty and mystery of life and if one is willing to reflect, the landscape will also reveal us to ourselves. I'm really glad we could document these two beautiful people in one of their favourite places. Our art is richer for their history there and I hope these images are a reminder to them of all the hours they spent arm in arm by the water together.

 Love and nature go so hand-in-hand, don't they?

Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1000
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1001
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1002
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1003
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1004
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1005
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1006
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1007
Beach Engagement__Dukat Photos-1008

Love and Light,

Angela and László