Forbes Magazine and The Orange Dress

Four seconds before this photo was taken at yesterday's photo shoot with the inspired folks at Event Spectrum  Inc., President Cynthia Richards threw up her arm and shouted, "NEXT YEAR THIS PHOTO IS GOING TO BE ON THE COVER OF FORBES!"

Goosebumps ran up my arm. YES!, I thought. THIS is how it's done.

If anyone understands how the universe delivers on our declarations it's this team. Dynamic, fun and innovative, ESI Inc. has been rocking the world of business communications for seventeen years. They are an always-smiling force to be reckoned with who have turned the old business cliché on it's head - apparently you can mix business and pleasure. Their signature orange dresses not only turn heads on the street, they symbolize a key underpinning of their business philosophy - they are family.

So,  the declaration is out you gorgeous gals and guys of ESI - the cover of Forbes is yours for the taking. Cheers to the year ahead - may it be as fabulous as you are!

ESI__Dukat Photos-1000

Angela & László