Noah Turns Two

As Noah neared his second birthday his mom and dad sat down to the task of listing the likes and accomplishments that marked his second year. The long and detailed list made me think about what the world must seem like for a two year old - how vast and slow time must go by and how full a day must be, rich with learning and doing. Imagine what we would become if we continued to learn at the rate of toddlers! One thing is for sure - we would need those afternoon naps just as much as they do. We met the Dabits in the country to document Noah turning two and just in time to capture the season's turning leaves. If you're wondering why Noah's parents were assembling a list of the loves and learnings of Noah's second year take a look among their images for one of our favourite project ideas - a visual diary of a year in the life of a child.

We hope your third year is as rich as the second little man!

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Angela, László and Ati