Up on the hilltop, I wandered off and met dozens of people outside their homes. Many invited me in. This woman pulled me aside and asked me to photograph her alone. She sat down and offered me this.

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These are a few of the beautiful people who came out to play with us when we followed the team up the hill to deliver formula. We printed more than 300 of these portraits, but we weren't able to deliver each one in person. Somehow, we never made our way up and down the hill in quite the same way. 

NOTE: Photos we couldn't deliver are with Mama Mpuela and at the Urafiki Clinic. :)

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Big John

Whatever John had, he was always sharing it, no matter how insignificant. This time a granola bar in twenty tiny pieces made a whole courtyard of kids really happy. I think I see my son sneaking in too. 

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Mosquito Nets

On this work day Prisca and Moses guided us through Igoma hanging much needed mosquito nets. SIP buys and hangs about 500 mosquito nets a year to protect Igoma families against deadly malaria. So, if you donated to SIP while we were there over Christmas, YOU bought these nets and YOU helped these people!

I saw quickly why mosquito nets were such a logical way for SIP to spend their money. Many families sleep all on one mattress or piece of foam or stack of rags piled on the floor, so a mosquito net can cover four people while they sleep and a baby while she plays during the day. I think we hung 20 on this day, but there were hundreds who needed them that day alone. It must be hard to be on the ground making decision about who gets and who doesn't.

So here's a ride-along hanging nets inside homes. All the kids came too and played outside with local kids while we squeezed into people's homes and tried to McGyvor a net to whatever was available. I saw that old nets had new lives too, upcycled as a coop tent for raising baby chicks in the courtyard and in food preparation.

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Dukat Studios_SIP-159.jpg

Business Owner
Igoma, Tanzania

Her store is about 3sq metres and she sells sweet treats and household necessities. Always smiling! 

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Business Owner
Igoma, Tanzania

With his store on the main road this man's shop was always bustling with passers. I think he knew everybody, because people were always stopping to say Hi. But no matter the bustle, I noticed he always kept working. He'd share a laugh, chat with friends but he didn't put his tools down. Work ethic. 

"Asante Mungu" means God Bless You. 

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Dukat Studios_SIP-162.jpg

Dukat Studios_SIP-200.jpg

What are you going to make today?

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Bright Faces

Stepping back out onto the street in Igoma we notice our kids have made a lot of friends, something children do very easily. They don't make excuses like we do. They just go for it. 

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How's your Friday afternoon going?


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Father and Daughter

Dean [Day-an] is one of the hardest working people I've ever met. Lit before light, down after dark, he took care of the SIP Canada crew in Igoma as the Chef at the Hillfront Hotel. 

With one sink, one propane burner and one set of dull tools, Dean kept us healthy and well fed our two weeks in Igoma. He can make something out of nothing like a real creator and with very few resources, which is what makes him tops in my book. 

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After our first day returning portraits, the kids around the clinic spread the word and our little heart project took on a whole new life!! Kids lined up (and mommies too!) and we had a LOT of fun placing our focus on one deserving person at a time. We're not going to fix anything overnight. We're going to take some photographs. Make some people smile. Raise some vibrations. 

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