We were married in Budapest in 2009 after only six months of knowing one another. Many thought we had lost our minds, but to us it was clear that we were going to be a great team and that if we were going to live and work on the same continent together, we were going to have to share a citizenship. Part of that education included getting to know the places where we were from. We had both travelled Europe fairly widely, so tackling our massively rich and majestic Canada seemed like the only thing to do. We gathered whatever money we had and bought a used Land Rover, whom we affectionately named Shrek, and set out retrofitting him for travelling, camping and eating and left Ontario headed east. We had two main missions - to tool around each of the provinces and territories with no plan and to stay off the TransCanada highway. 

Photography was a hobby of ours then but nothing more. László squeezed our savings to buy a brand new Canon 7D and a pair of used lenses. We took it as a challenge to learn that camera inside out and to shoot for our desired outcome in-camera. We shot all day, every day for 88 days and recorded 15,000 frames that today can chart the leap we made from documenting haplessly to thoughtfully composing and creating images of our journey. We made this book to mark our journey, not only around and across this incredible country, but our journey into photography. As our trip unfolds in the book it becomes clear that our skills began to improve, our eyes opened to new beauty and we came into the realization that flow provides - this was our calling.

Everything in this book was shot in camera with no post editing. Our hard copy is now our coffee-table journal where we record memories of our journey in the whitespace we left on each page. Have a look at our trip in pictures here below.