Dukát Studios is a creative and adventurous photography team working with people in love, in life and in work, creating inspired, history-worthy images.   





Amazing images of an amazing day.


 After a perfect whirlwind day of friends and family, love and I Do's, there's nothing better than incredible photographs that you can adore, share and proudly pass down.

That's where we come in. 



Creating your own family heirlooms.


If you're thinking that a family photo session sounds like an adventure in chaos you've come to the right place. We know it's hectic and that everyone is growing, changing, running. You might be wondering how an afternoon of fun family time could become a beautiful exercise in making family history. Well, we've got you covered!  



What you see is what you get.

Imagery is the number one way to communicate what you do and what you're about. From accounting to fashion designing to wine making - the right images can show off your personal style and your philosophy in a professional and authentic way that you can be proud of and that really resonate with where you're headed - UP!





The work we do when we're not working.

Hint: We never really put down our cameras ;)

At home and on site.


Our schoolhouse studio with two acres of country beauty is the perfect peaceful place to meet and plan for upcoming sessions, to shoot headshots, family portraits and products, or to brainstorm and test out large scale projects. It's a creative and organic studio that's always being morphed for the next project. When it's time to shoot outdoors or on-site the studio packs up and goes mobile - from storefronts and offices to waterfalls and deserts. Nowhere is off limits!